Twelve secrets to a happier life

I get a lot of questions on Quora about how to become happy. It seems that a large number of people go around being unhappy and doubting what they are doing here on Earth. Is there a purpose to their life? Why are they here? What should they do here? Is it just about survival and procreation, or is there more to it? Is it about money or power, position or fame? What indeed?

I would like to share with you what I find are the most important secrets in the pursuit of happiness.

  1. Realize that you are responsible for your own life
  2. Find a positive and logical worldview
  3. Drop the never proved one-life theory
  4. Realize that you create your fate by what you sow
  5. Realize that you are important to the whole
  6. Live in the now
  7. Live a healthy life
  8. Follow your bliss
  9. Be careful with what you allow into your thought sphere
  10. Meditate
  11. Do what you can to become a better version of yourself
  12. Live in gratitude
  1. We are all responsible for our own life

It is a common misconception to hold others responsible for our life. If I get sick, it is my doctor´s fault. If I am eating an unhealthy diet, it is my parents´ fault. If I am unemployed, it is society´s fault. If I am poor, it is God´s fault.

But none of these ideas is correct. Only YOU are responsible for your life. Nobody else. Nobody else can make your decisions, think your thoughts, or control what you do.

I believe it is a prerequisite for a happy life to realize that YOU are the only one responsible for your life.

It is, because as long as you go around blaming others for what is going on in your life, you have given the reins of your life over to somebody else. And doing that will never make you happy. It will make you a slave. The only person who can make you happy is you.

So, take control of your own life and start right now by realizing that your life is yours and yours alone. You have made your bed and now you must lie in it. I find that this thought is very liberating, because from now on you are the king in your life. Not your wife, mother, husband or best friend. You!

  1. Find a positive and logical world view

The mainstream narrative offers this world view, which a lot of people believe in: we live in a huge universe, that is incomprehensibly big, and we are the only living beings in it. We are here by chance, because a single cell once happened to fall onto the surface of the planet. From that single cell all the life forms that we know have come into existence through a process governed by chance, natural selection, and random mutations. Everything is ruled by chance and chaos. There is no God, so everything has created itself or has evolved from the one cell to multibillion cell organisms, whose workings are so complicated that we do not understand them. Our ´I´ and consciousness have arisen as an effect of the organic processes of the body. Our brain is who we are. When we die, we cease to exist. There is nothing on the other side of death. Our existence here is just a hiccup. Our fates are governed by chance. We live on a dead planet, which we are in the process of destroying with our carbon dioxide emissions. We live in a dead universe, which will end in a few billion years, and then humankind will be erased forever. There is no meaning with our existence here, no plan, no intention, and no purpose.

That is the mainstream, materialistic world picture in a nutshell. It is not uplifting, and it has never been proved. It is, at best, half a theory. It is the worst, saddest and most depressing world view ever invented. And it is utterly untrue. No wonder it is hard to be happy if this is the way you view the world.

In stark contrast to this depressing world view, we have the world view of Martinus. It is a world view where everything makes sense; it is logical, intelligent, and based on Martinus´ deep insight into the mystery of life. In Martinus´ world view everything fits and tallies because he includes the spiritual level and, in this way, it becomes a whole world view and not just one where half of the explanation is missing. You cannot avoid being happy when you can see the world in Martinus´ perspective.

In the following, we shall look at some of the main points in Martinus´ cosmology, and these are secrets worth knowing.

  1. The one-life theory is utterly wrong

The mainstream narrative wants us to believe that we only live once and that, when we die, it is lights out. Done. Finito. But nobody has ever been able to prove that nothing survives the death of the physical body. Who we are, our essence or I, is not identical to our physical body. The body is just an instrument that the essence or I uses as long as it is functioning. Once the body stops functioning due to injury, illness or old age, the essence, which is identical to our consciousness, pulls out of the body, which then starts to disintegrate, as it was the consciousness that held it together.

Our consciousness is a field of energy and it is who we really are. We are equally alive whether we have a physical body or not. Death is an illusion. When we pull out of our physical body, we are alive in our field of energy / consciousness. We are first and foremost identical to our spiritual body / field of energy. Energy cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed, so this accounts for our eternal existence. From time to time we have a physical body in addition to our spiritual body. That is when we have reincarnated into a physical body on a physical planet.

Due to his cosmic consciousness Martinus was able to reveal the bigger picture: The whole universe is God and we are tiny quanta of God´s body. We are eternal beings on a never-ending journey through spiritual and physical realms of existence. The goal of our journey right now is to outgrow our primitive character traits and become real, finished human beings that can only express universal love.

As we move through eternity we move in cycles which then spiral upwards. In the passage of one cycle we must experience both light and darkness, because without contrast there can be no eternal ability to perceive.

It is obviously a lot easier to be happy when you know that death is an illusion and that you are alive whether you have a physical body or not. When you know that you can set things right in a later life, that you will meet your loved ones again and that you never run out of opportunities to live the life of your dreams, then how can you not be happy?

  1. We create our fate by what we sow

The law of karma decrees that we reap as we sow or: what we do to others, we eventually do to ourselves. The universe has been so ingeniously organized that everything you send out comes back to you. That is the law of karma. Your fate is created by what you have sown previously.

When you perform an act, you send a small amount of energy into the universe, and this energy will come back to you because there is no straight line in the universe. When the arc of karma comes back, you will experience on your own body what you once did to others in this life or in a past life.

Karma can be slow or quick to come back to the person who sent it out. It can come back in this life and it can come back in a later life. But one thing is 100% certain: it WILL come back.   Nobody can understand his or her fate seen in a one-life perspective. You need a perspective of a whole series of physical lives to understand your fate. Nothing happens by chance and we are all, each and every one of us, responsible for our fate. It is never somebody else´s fault if bad things happen to us… it is a result of things we have sown in the past.

The good news is that if you are not happy with your life, you can start sowing only what you would like to reap: kindness, friendship, help to others, tolerance, understanding, compassion, universal love etc.

In this way you can sow a happy fate for yourself and you will realize how happy you become when you know how to sow what you would like to reap.

  1. We are all important to the whole

 A lot of people think that their life is worthless and that it does not matter whether they are here or not. But that is utterly wrong. We are all important to the whole.

Ultimately we are all one. This is obviously a bigger picture aspect and of some complexity. Let me try to be brief: The whole universe is God. Everything in it is a part of God. All living beings are part of this unfathomably huge organism.

Life has been constructed so that we have life forms inside life forms. We are alive inside the body of the Earth (which is a living being) and inside us we have organs, cells, molecules, atoms, quarks etc. They are all living beings. Beyond the Earth we have the solar system, the galaxy, then galaxy clusters etc. All those are living beings.

So, ultimately, we are all one because we are all a tiny, tiny part of the huge organism that is the whole of the Universe or God.

This means that the existence of each and every one of us is important to the whole. Nobody is superfluous or lost or forgotten by God, because everyone expresses an aspect of God. Our individual importance can be likened to a photo in an old-fashioned newspaper. All the little dots make up the photo. If one dot were missing, there would be a hole. Everything is needed in this amazing universe: the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the white, the black, the bliss and the hatred, the ignorance, and the wisdom etc. Everything has to be there so that we, the living beings, can experience it all and in this way renew our consciousness.

It is much easier to be happy when we know that we are here for a reason and that we are a part, however small, of the universe or God.

  1. Live in the now

It is a common mental occupation today to worry about what we said yesterday and what tomorrow brings. But worrying is the worst possible way to spend mental energy. Volumes can be written containing things that people worried about that never came to pass. When you worry, you send valuable thought energy to imagined horror scenarios in the future. Or you send valuable thought energy to old regrets in the past.

Let the past lie. Learn from your mistakes and move forward with confidence. And concentrate on being present in the present.  When you are with other people, then be there mentally. Listen to what they have to say, support them if needed, and be in the moment. Do NOT let yourself be distracted by your plans for tomorrow or your phone. If you do, you are not present and that is unfair to whomever you are with, and to yourself.

We only have the now to live in. We do not live in the past or in the future. We only have this red-hot moment: now. So, let us do that.

It does not add to our happiness if we are everywhere else in the moment but here where we are right now.

  1. Live a healthy life

Countless lives have been ruined by the intake of substances that are foreign to the human body, such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and narcotics. Also the intake of meat is detrimental to the optimal functioning of the human body because the vibration of meat is too high for our digestive system. When we eat meat, we put our digestive system into overwork.  This constant overwork will, in the long run, undermine the health of the body.

So, to be healthy we should live on a plant-based diet and avoid all types of foreign substances. And we should get sufficient exercise, sufficient sleep and in general treat our physical body as the holy temple it is for our I / consciousness.

It is much easier to be happy, when our body functions to its highest potential and we are not prevented by hangovers, withdrawal symptoms, overweight or lack of sleep to do what we want to do.

  1. Follow your bliss

Countless young people are under huge pressure from their parents to be what they want them to be, so that they lose sight of their own wishes. The father may want them to take over the family business, the mother may want them to study a specific subject, they may be under pressure from peers or ´society´ to pursue a specific career or to marry a certain person that the parents have chosen. Due to the pressure the young person may succumb and do as is expected, but that will rarely make that person happy.

We have to understand, that when we reincarnate, we come down to the physical plane to learn specific lessons. Those lessons have been specified during a session on the spiritual plane with our spiritual guides. We know when we reincarnate what those lessons are on a subconscious level. This means that they act as a compass for us in our life. If we are under pressure by others to follow a path that is not the one, we know we have to follow, then there will be trouble. We will never be happy in a straitjacket pressed upon us by others. We will only be happy when we follow our own dreams and aspirations, when we follow our bliss. 

  1. Be careful with what you allow into your thought sphere

Our thoughts are the most important factor in our health, says Martinus. Why are they so important? They are because thoughts are energy. A thought is a small bundle of energy that holds information. Our thoughts fuel the body with energy, and this energy is released directly into the blood stream. Positive and happy thoughts energize the blood positively, and negative and sad thoughts energize the blood negatively. Consequently, positive thoughts create good health and negative thoughts create illness. It is possible to totally undermine your health with negative and depressed thoughts.

So, be careful with what you allow into your thought sphere or consciousness. Your consciousness is the holy of holiest in your bodily structure and it should be treated as the sanctuary that it is.

Be the guardian of your sanctuary and do not allow depressing, fearful, scary, horrible and unwholesome mental matter into your consciousness. This means: do NOT watch horror movies, war movies, movies with torture and massacres, movies with abuse and rape and threats etc. When you do, you let unwanted, negative thought matter into your sanctuary and that is very detrimental to your overall mental and bodily health.

Instead, watch feel-good films, watch funny films, read uplifting and funny books, study spiritual science and work to improve your mental atmosphere by letting the cosmic sun in. That will contribute to your happiness without doubt.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is an amazing tool that helps you find inner peace, it helps you to tackle stress and to connect to the spiritual level of existence. Once you start meditating on a daily basis you will soon begin to feel more at ease, calmer, more grounded, less stressed, and more balanced and in harmony with life.

There are many ways to mediate and Martinus recommends a way in his book: Mediation: (it is free to read online). The main points in the book are: mediation is very good for your mental and bodily health, so it is highly recommendable. However, during meditation you can unwillingly attract very strong energies from the universe – energies that can be detrimental to you if they should hit you. For that reason you must protect yourself, and the best protection is to recite the Lord´s prayer in your head. So, Martinus recommends that you mediate on this prayer, as it is a very strong ally in your life and full of magic. Just try!

  1. Do what you can to become a better version of yourself

Once you realize that you are on a journey of evolution and that your goal is to become a real, finished human being, then you can start working actively towards that goal.

You can start by taking stock of your unfinished sides: Do you lie? Do you steal? Do you cheat? Do you feel jealousy and envy? Do you feel intolerance and racism, sexism, ageism, or other isms? Do you participate in the killing of other living beings via your diet? In other words: do you eat meat?

Once the stock-taking is over, you can ask yourself if there is room for improvement. Could you stop lying and be 100% truthful in everything you do? Could you stop being intolerant towards other people? Could you stop cheating on your spouse and be a loyal and faithful wife/ husband? Could you cut down on your meat consumption or simply go plant-based?

Whatever you are able to do will shorten your way towards the goal of becoming a finished human being.  As you are working to throw the less developed sides of your psyche overboard, you will discover how you start to feel lighter, more in line with life and more connected to the divine. It will, guaranteed, make you a lot happier.

And don´t be too hard on yourself if you do not succeed right away. Give yourself time and know that Rome wasn´t built in one day. Our unfinished sides have been with us for many many incarnations and it can be hard work to get rid of them. But congratulate yourself with every step forward you are able to take and be grateful for every small progress.

  1. Live in gratitude

I have said it before, and I say it again: the best way to turn your life around if you are unhappy is to start living in gratitude. I know it may sound strange if you are depressed and sad, but it is such an effective tool to improve your life that everyone should give it a chance.

Start by feeling grateful for small things: a cup of coffee, a ray of sunshine, a smile from a passerby, a bed to sleep in, a roof over your head, a hot meal, a good book to read, a hug from a friend, a good conversation and so on. Once you start noticing things to be grateful for, you can expand your scope to include more important things and remember to say: thank you!

Why does this work? It works because when you are grateful, you send out a specific vibration of gratitude into the surroundings. Everything in this attraction-based universe has vibration, and the law of attraction will then bring you more things to be grateful for. It works like this because vibrations on similar wavelengths attract each other. It is simply a natural law that you attract what you focus on. As you think, you vibrate, as you vibrate, you attract.

Once you see all the things you have to be grateful for, then it is impossible not to be happy.

So consider implementing some (if not all) of these secrets and you will start feeling happier, healthier, and living a more spiritually enriched life.

And start studying spiritual science. I invite you to read this short introduction:


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