We have wars and miserable fates because right now we are passing through the darkness of the spiral cycle. We are eternal beings, and we move eternally between the contrasts of light and darkness. In this way, we renew our consciousness and our eternal ability to perceive.

We shape our fate in the way we treat others

We are emerging from the ´animal´ kingdom characterized by selfishness. This means that we still have mental traits that are very egoistic, such as greed, lust for power, blood thirst, envy, selfishness and a lack of compassion. To the extent that these egoistic traits have governed our acts, then we will get these acts back in the shape of our fate. It is the law of karma that sees to it that we reap as we sow, and to the extent that we have sown misery for others (including animals) we will have a miserable fate. What we do to others, we do to ourselves, so if we want to get away from misery and sad fates, we should start sowing kindness, friendliness and love. And then it is these that we will reap.

It may look like a sad mess

Right now the Earth is a scene for the acting out of an incredible amount of sad and miserable fates. This is so, because the conditions on the planet right now are ideal for this to happen. We all need to reap what we have sown in former lives in order to get on with our development, so many of us have reincarnated here on Earth now to get the not-so-pleasant part over and done with.

It may look like a very sad mess, but it is actually not. It is a cosmic ´spring cleaning´, and when we have experienced to our own body what we once did to others, we will with absolute certainly not do it again. When we reincarnate after having had a very miserable fate, we will bring the knowledge with us on an unconscious level, and when we are in a situation where we can either participate in another killing or abstain form it, our inner guidance will tell us not to. We will turn around and walk away. It is this reaping of experience that will eventually change us into real, all-loving human beings.

If we want to create a happy fate for ourselves, we should only sow what we want to reap. It is quite simple really.

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