You may have asked yourself many times if ghosts really exist. Most people will say that they don’t and that people who believe they do exist are crazy or misinformed. Those, whose houses are haunted, are not in doubt: ghosts do exist, and they are very annoying.  So, what is the truth about ghosts? Are they real or what? Let us have a look at this haunting question.

We are first and foremost spiritual beings, not physical beings. We always have our spiritual body, consisting of a field of energy containing our consciousness. We do not always have a physical body. It is only when we are incarnated in physical matter that we have a physical body in addition to our spiritual body.

When we pass over, we pull our spirit body out of the physical body and then the idea is to pass on to the spiritual plane right away. Most newly deceased will see a bright light and they will feel attracted to it. As soon as they move closer, they will be sucked up by a strong force and feel like they are passing through a tunnel at the speed of light. This will take them to their destination in the spiritual world and all is well. This is what is supposed to happen.

However, in some cases the spirit stays away from the light. There can be various reasons for that. One reason is that the spirit has died most unexpectedly and he or she does not want to pass over so soon. They may think that if they cling on to the physical plane, then they can still have their physical life. They may also be afraid of what awaits them in the spiritual world, so they struggle to keep away from the light. Another reason is that a spirit is very attached to earthly vices such as alcohol or drugs. I think the most common reason is addiction to alcohol.  Of course this is not always the case, as with child ghosts, for example.

But, when an alcohol addict dies, he is very unwilling to go to the light, because he knows that there is no alcohol on the spiritual plane. So he refuses to go to the light and stays on the physical plane without a physical body of his own. This is, of course, not a very enviable situation. There is really nothing you can do on the physical plane when you don´t have a physical body. But what you can do, and many spirits of addicts do, is to try to possess or usurp a physical body.

This is actually possible, but only in special cases. A discarnate, alcoholic earthbound spirit can actually usurp the body of another alcohol addict. In such cases the discarnate sprit hangs around cheap bars or pubs, often in shady neighbourhoods or near the harbour. It is in these places that the possibility of finding an alcohol addict is best. When the alcohol addict has drunk a good deal of alcohol, then his aura weakens and it is then, that the discarnate spirit can enter the body and usurp it. A strong and healthy aura cannot be penetrated by a discarnate spirit, but with the intake of large amounts of alcohol, the aura is weakened and then the spirit can enter and dispossess the original spirit that normally inhabits the body.

This is an ideal scenario for the discarnate, alcoholic earthbound spirit, because now he has access to the alcohol that he misses. He will drink till there is no more money left in the pockets of the now dispossessed man or till the body passes out from too much alcohol. Then there is no more fun to be had, so the usurping spirit pulls out again and leaves the body. It is then possible for the owner of the body to return and face the music: colossal hangover, empty pockets, angry wife, hungry children etc. He will have no recollection of his behaviour, because he was not in his body. Somebody else was.

It sometimes happens that a discarnate spirit follows the drinker home and settles down in his house. Various cases of this have been recorded. In the home of the addict alcohol will very often be drunk, so now the discarnate spirit does not have to find a new body to usurp every night. If your house or flat has been taken up as a home for a discarnate spirit, this spirit can be very difficult to get rid of. Why should he leave? There is nothing for him anywhere else than in the close vicinity of a drinker.

In my youth there was a lot of partying and I remember cases when a friend suddenly changed character completely. We often noticed this and talked about it, but we could not explain why. But later I found out that the reason was that the friend´s body had been possessed by an alcohol seeking spirit. They can be everywhere, so take care and only drink in moderation. Or not at all.

In cases of discarnate spirits that have stayed on the physical plane out of fear, it is easier to get rid of them. They soon realize the desperate situation they are in, and they really want to pass over to the spiritual plane. But now they cannot do it on their own. Now they need help from a physical being. It is for that reason, i.e. to get help, that they show themselves through sounds, smells or even apparitions to the physical beings. They are asking for help. But obviously, the physical beings do not know that, and they get very scared when they see or hear a ghost.

So, what can we do, when we notice that there is a ghost in the house or flat? There is one easy thing that everybody can do: you can tell the ghost that it has been detected (it will be delighted to hear this) and then you can pray that the guardian angels of the spirit come and pick it up. This is usually enough. You just have to interfere on behalf of the ghost and ask that its guardian angels come and help it. It will then happily pass on to the spiritual plane and bother the physical beings no more.

In cases of hard-core alcohol addictive ghosts it can be more complicated, because they may not want to leave. If you have prayed for them a few times with no result, then it may be necessary to get an exorcist in or somebody who is well versed in the business of getting rid of ghosts. They have tricks that I do not know of.

My husband and I have been in innumerable houses that had ghosts. OMG! Have we seen and heard many! Let me mention a few cases: we once bought an expensive bed that came with a ghost in it. It was so weird! I had looked forward to sleeping in the bed the first night (my husband was away) but I had a terrible night. I immediately sensed that something was not right, that there was a strange energy in the bed, that it was somehow possessed. When my husband came to sleep in the bed, he simply could not sleep at all. There was something trying to kick him out of the bed, and the same thing happened every time a man tried to sleep in it. The bed was in a flat that we often loaned to friends, and every time we heard the same story: the man had to go and sleep on the sofa, because something was not right with that bed. When this had happened a number of times, we concluded that it was a male ghost who was eager to have the women to himself. Obviously, something had to be done, so I sat down and prayed on the bed. I prayed earnestly that the guardian angels of this horny ghost would come and pick him up and they did! He disappeared and peace returned to the bed.

Here you see a photo of the bed the day it arrived. You can easily see the big orb above the bed. When you see orbs like these, it normally means that there are spirits around.

Once we slept in a former monastery turned hotel in Spain: El Monasterio de Piedra, not far from Zaragoza. It was the worst night of my life. The ghosts were everywhere, and they knocked and breathed down our necks all night. There were so many that they appeared to be having a sort of party, because weird, unearthly music was heard. I prayed and prayed but to no avail. They were still there. It turned out that the monastery had been occupied by French Napoleonic forces during the Napoleonic war with Spain in the 1800s and they seemed to still be there. It was truly terrible. At six we got up and left, or rather we ran out of that terrible place.

I have personally encountered ghosts at the Kronborg Castle in Denmark (there were many), and in innumerable hotels (very often monasteries turned hotel), in a ski flat we once rented and in a flat our daughter had rented above a pub. My husband and I are very tired of ghosts and we think they may be especially eager to contact us because they can somehow sense that we can help them.

When you no longer have a physical body, you have no business on the physical plane. Then you have to pass over to the spiritual plane asap. So when you encounter ghosts, please help them make the passage by praying for them.

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