We are here because we are a part of God. We cannot NOT be. We are eternal beings in God´s eternal body. Right now, we have reincarnated on the planet Earth in our eternal journey through spiritual and physical realms.

We move through eternity in a spiral cycle

The universe has been so ingeniously devised that there is always something new for us to experience. In order for that to be possible we move eternally in a cycle where there is light in the upper part and darkness in the lower part. When we have completed the cycle, we move up in a spiral, so that we never repeat the same cycle. There is always something new for us to experience, and because God experiences life through us, ´his´ micro beings, the experience of life is of paramount importance.

The overall meaning of life is to experience it

This means that the overall meaning of life is to experience it. But as we move through the above-mentioned cycle, there are ´local´ meanings related to our evolutionary path.

The ´local´ aim of life is to move away from selfishness

The local aim of our life right now is to move away from selfishness, and become better at manifesting universal love, compassion and help to others. Our local aim is to move towards become real, all-loving human beings. We can help ourselves in this process by working consciously with our ´unfinished´ mentality traits, such as greed, selfishness, envy, jealousy and a need to impress others. When we are about to express these traits, we can try to stop ourselves and think if there is another way to behave. This may take some practice, but if we practice, we will help our own development. We will all get there eventually, but with a conscious effort, we will emerge sooner as real, all-loving human beings.

This has been explained in depth in my book “Death Is an Illusion”. You can download a free chapter of ´Death Is an Illusion” from this site.

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