What is death actually?

The world is in the grip of a pandemic and a number of people pass over due to it. In this context it seems like a good idea to explore the question of death and what it actually means to die.

Death is an Illusion

I know that a lot of us have heard about the afterlife from religions, about heaven or hell or eternal oblivion, but these ideas no longer have a lot of followers among modern humans living in societies with a scientific outlook and a good amount of common sense. So, when we throw these traditional ideas out, most of us are left with nothing. We have no idea about death and we do not want to talk about it. Still, the mainstream narrative today is that we cease to exist when the physical body stops working. The mainstream narrative tells us that we ARE our physical body and when it stops working, we will stop existing.

But is this actually a fact? Has this claim ever been proved? No, it has not. Nobody has ever been able to prove, that nothing survives the death of the physical body.

Humanity is not meant to live forever in ignorance about the real nature of death and the spiritual plane, and for that reason Martinus has revealed his spiritual science to take us out of our bewilderment.

So, let us now present a modern, logical and rational explanation of what happens when we die.

We are NOT identical to our physical body

All of us, every living beings on this planet (including plants and animal) are first and foremost spiritual beings. What does that mean? It means that we, in addition to our physical body, have a spiritual body – the entity that has traditionally been referred to as our soul. This spiritual body is in reality identical to our consciousness and it sits around the physical body in the shape of our aura. Our spiritual body is a field of energy and because energy cannot be created or destroyed, this field cannot be dissolved.

The field consists of electromagnetic radiation and this type of non-visible matter can contain a lot of information. We already know that, because we use the information-carrying characteristic of this type of matter every day when we talk on our mobile phones, roam cordlessly on the internet, use GPS, receive radio or television etc.

So, it can come as no surprise to a modern human being that invisible, information-carrying matter exists. Our consciousness and I (our sense of self) are embedded in the auric field and this means that the field is who we really are. We ARE our consciousness with I, we are NOT our physical body. The physical body we have right now is just an instrument for the spiritual forces of our consciousness or spirit/soul.


What happens when we die?

When the physical body becomes useless due to illness, injury or old age, the spirit pulls out, because the old body is no longer a useful instrument for the spirit´s experience of the physical plane. Once the spirit pulls out, we say that the body is dead. But the existence of the spirit does not depend on its being attached to a physical body. The spirit pulls out and because we are identical to the spirit, we will feel just the same as we did before, when we were still in a physical body. Actually, if the body was ill or very old, it will feel like a great relief to pull out of the physical body. We will feel light, free and relieved. This feeling of relief has been mentioned by all near-death experiencers who unanimously say that dying is a wonderful experience.

Afraid of dying?

Because death is such a big ´unknown´ a lot of people are afraid of dying. Death seems like the ultimate ´thing´ to fear.  And yet, it is not an ´unknown´,  because we are eternal beings and we have all died millions of times before. Dying is nothing new to us. Not to anybody. Dying is a process that we have all been through an endless number of times. And yet, here we still are, alive and kicking.

We are eternal beings and on our eternal journey we move in cycles through spiritual and physical realms of existence, and right now we are in the process of leaving the animal kingdom and about to enter the real human kingdom. We are well on our way to becoming real, all-loving humans, but we are not there yet. As long as we can still lie, steal, cheat, be envious, greedy, selfish and participate in the killing other living beings (including the animals we eat), we are not real humans. But the real human stage is under construction, and for each life we live, we move a little bit further to becoming real, all-loving and compassionate humans beings that only live to serve others.  The journey from animal to real human spans thousands of lives, but we will all reach it sooner or later. Not everybody has come equally far in this journey but everybody will reach the goal  – it is just a question of how many more lives it takes.

Being ´dead´

Once our spirit has pulled out of the physical body, it will be attracted (due to the law of attraction) to a wavelength in the spiritual world which corresponds to the most evolved part of its psyche. The spiritual world is a light world of thought, so it is our predominant thought matter that decides where we go: the loving person will go to a loving wavelength and the hateful person will go to a hateful wavelength. The law of attraction (like attracts like) sees to this.

But before the spirit can be pulled to its destination in the spiritual world, it has a period in which it is still to some extent bound to the physical plane, which it has just left. Its habitual thought patterns still prevail in its consciousness, so it can be some time before the ´newly dead´ finds his destination in the spiritual world. In this period of adjustment it will often be so, that the loved ones of the newly diseased, are mourning his or her death and are very sad that their loved one has passed over.

This is, of course, understandable, but it is a very heavy burden for the spirit in the intermediate phase. The mourning and sadness will bind the spirit to the physical plane and if this goes on for a long time, the spirit can become trapped on the physical plane and may then not be able to make the right passage to the spiritual plane.  It can then become a trapped spirit, a ghost. This is NOT what we want for our loved ones!

So, if we want to help our deceased loved ones on the spiritual plane, we should send them love and light, thank them for the time we spent together and let them go. We should celebrate the person’s life and not mourn it. We should be grateful that the spirit has now been released from an old, ill, worn-out body and send it on its journey with all our love and blessings. In that way, we have helped our loved one make the best possible passage to the spiritual plane.

Once the ´deceased´  has been released from the intermediate phase s/he will experience a wonderful time with old friends and family members and will be able to live in the best possible surroundings, it can think of.  Spiritual matter is thought matter (the type of matter we use when we think) and it obeys our wishes. If we want to talk to an old friend, we just have to think about him and he will materialize before us and we can have a good long conversation via telepathy. No words are necessary on the spiritual plane.

Coming back or reincarnating

      After a good long rest, we will want to get on with our evolution and in order to do that, we need to get our spirit back into a new physical body. We will then be attracted to a love-making couple on the physical plane who will become our next parents. Our spirit will then create its new physical body in the womb completely in its own favor and once born, it will continue its evolution from exactly the place it had reached the last time it ´died´.


We will then, again, have a physical body in addition to our spiritual body. In short: we always have a spiritual body as this is who we really are. From time to time, we have a physical body in addition to our spiritual body.  We live in two world: the spiritual world and the physical world. We are not dead in any of them. Death is an Illusion. Death is only an imagined contrast to life. Nobody can die in the sense that their experience of life ceases.

Dying is not a tragedy and it should not be mourned. Instead we should celebrate life´s eternal existence and be happy for the time we spent with those who passed over and celebrate even more in the certainty that we will meet again – on both the spiritual and the physical planes. Our loved ones have not ceased to exist – they are just ´out of town´ for a period of time and though we may miss their physical presence, excessive mourning is detrimental to the life of the ´deceased´ on the spiritual plane. Send them light, love and blessings. Thank them for the time you spent together, be grateful for what they taught you  and know that bonds of love cannot be severed by physical distance.

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