What is the fastest way to reach enlightenment?

Martinus was often asked what we can do to become so evolved that we become enlightened beings, or reach the point when we get cosmic consciousness.

He always answered: This is a process that takes time and not something that can forced, but the best you can do is to erase the concept of enemies from your thought sphere and start blessing and praying for those you do not like.

It is easy to pray for our friends and family, but blessing and praying for those we do not like is something that is quite challenging for most people.

You will probably think: No, I cannot pray for that idiot. I can´t stand him / her. S/he is so egoistic and stupid, such a ridiculous narcissist that only thinks of him/herself. Look at how evil s/he is!

And this is where you must overcome your negative thoughts about that person and start to see if there is anything about him / her that you like.

One way to come to like that person is to look upon him/her as a younger brother/ sister, who is simply not very evolved. S/he just has a lot to learn. S/he is just in grade one and you may have reached grade seven yourself.

And just as you would never blame a younger brother because he is only seven years old, you should not blame your adversary for not being “older” and more evolved.

It is also a good idea to realize that even though you may be in grade seven, there are many beings that are above yourself in the “school system”, who may have reached grade 12 or 13. You have not graduated yet yourself, and you would probably be happy if those above you would see you as a younger sibling as well.

We are all, in varying degrees, unfinished human beings, and we all have lots to learn and we all make mistakes. But those mistakes are our greatest teachers, so we should be grateful for them and not blame ourselves for making them.


In order to reach enlightenment the ability to forgive is also important. There is nothing that we should not forgive. The easier it is for you to forgive others, the closer you are to enlightenment.

As always, we have a huge teacher in Jesus who, in excruciating pain on the cross, was able to pray for his executioners that they be forgiven. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing”.

They were so primitive and un-evolved that they had no idea what their actions would mean for their own fate in the future. For this ignorance, they must be forgiven, simply because they had not yet learned how the law of karma works. And it is a fact that nobody can act on experiences, they have not yet had.

At all times each and every one of us is standing at the peak for his/ her development. And the things we will only learn tomorrow, we cannot act upon today.


Once we can pray for and forgive our adversaries there is one more hurdle to overcome: we must learn to be humble. We may think that once we can forgive, we are super evolved and the world lies at our feet. But then we are not there yet.

Martinus says:

We must learn humility to pass through the gates of wisdom and become enlightened beings. As long as we go around bragging about how evolved we are, we are still a long way from the gates of wisdom.


Admittedly, these things are not easy to learn, but as in all other aspects of life, practice makes perfect. The more you practice praying for those you do not like, the easier it gets. And one day, it costs you nothing to pray for those that you didn´t like in the past, but whom you now see as your younger, ignorant brothers.  They cannot help where they are on the ladder of evolution and nor can you.

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