What is (the) Matter?

      In this post I would like to explore the question of matter. This is a very important question, because until we know the various states of matter, we will have no clear concept of the world and what it consists of.

The States of Matter

This is what the science of physics tells us: all physical matter has 3 stages: The solid stage, the fluid stage and the vaporous stage. We know these stages from the way water can appear:

Water can appear in the solid state when it is frozen. It is then hard as rock and we can walk on it and even hurt ourselves, if we fall on it.

Water can also appear in the fluid state. This is when the water is liquid. We can then drink it, swim in it and sail on it. Most water on the planet is in the liquid state.

Water can also appear in the vaporous state. We know that, if we forget the kettle on the stove, the water will disappear. After the water has been boiling for some time, the kettle is empty, and all the water has entered into the vaporous state. We can see it in the air as a type of cloud or vapor. This process of vaporization of water takes place all the time on the surface of the planet when the Sun heats the surface of the seas and clouds are formed. When the clouds are cooled, the vapor condenses and becomes water again. This water then falls to the ground in the shape of rain.

We all know this, but we may not have wondered about how special it is that the same type of matter can manifest in 3 different ways. This is not only valid for water but for all types of matter. All types of matter have these 3 states that it can manifest in. Even rocks can become liquid (running lava) and can evaporate. It is the temperature that decides which state the matter is in.  Heat will make the matter fluid and eventually vaporous and cold will make the matter solid. The point when a type of matter goes solid varies in all types of matter. For water the freezing point is 0 degrees Celsius and the point when it goes vaporous (the boiling point) is 100 degrees Celsius.

The Fourth State of Matter

But, says Martinus, there is also a fourth state of matter which lies in a direct line with the other 3: the ray-formed state. The ray-formed state lies above the vaporous state and now the matter is no longer visible. Ray-formed matter is the same as spiritual matter; it is the type of matter that our spirit consists of. The existence of the ray-formed state is well known to science and they call it electromagnetic radiation. It is an invisible type of matter that we cannot touch or hold in our hand, but it is a type of matter that we use every day. From now on I shall refer to this type of matter as ray-formed, but it is identical to both spiritual matter and electromagnetic radiation.

We make use of ray-formed matter every day when we listen to the radio, watch television, talk in our cell phones, roam cordlessly on the Internet, heat our food in the microwave oven or get our bodies X rayed. There are many more uses for this type of matter, however. Ray-formed matter has a huge range of uses and as these are well known and very useful to our daily lives, there is no point in claiming that invisible matter does not exist.

The Four States of Matter in Our Body

Also, our body consists of the 4 states of matter. We have solid matter in our skeleton and muscles, we have liquid matter in our blood and lymph, and we exhale vaporous matter when we breathe out. But we also have ray-formed matter in our body, and this a point that science still has not recognized. This is, so the speak, the matter. It is a major flaw that the existence of this type of matter around our body is not widely recognized. We cannot have a complete perception of what our physical body consists of as long as we disregard the existence of ray-formed matter in and around our body. We have ray-formed matter in and around our body in the shape of the energy field that we also sometimes refer to as our aura. Around our body we have an energy field that holds information. This energy field is identical to our consciousness and it consists of ray-formed matter.

Our Consciousness

Our consciousness is not limited to the brain, such as the mainstream narrative wants us to believe. Our consciousness is a field of energy that holds information and it sits around the body. The brain functions as an antenna for the consciousness forces that sit around the body. Our consciousness holds a huge amount of information about us, information on both a conscious and an unconscious level, indeed even on subconscious and supra-conscious levels.  We have gathered this information during a whole range of former lives. Our consciousness holds all the information about the person we are such as: our ´I´ or sense of self. Our consciousness holds the totality of our thoughts, our memories, our level of intelligence, our character traits and personality, our abilities, habits, tastes and tendencies, our likes and dislikes, what we can accept and are willing to do, what we can find it in our hearts to do to others, what we dare or are afraid of, our possible phobias, our emotions and patterns of reaction, our morals, the basis for our behavior, all our experiences, all the knowledge that we have accumulated and our talents.

An Energy Field that Holds Information

There can be no understanding of who we are until we take the information present in our consciousness / aura into account, because how can we explain all the things we are, all the things we are good at from birth, all our talents and all our automatic functions such as digestion, breathing, heartbeat if we do not have a place where all this information is stored? The characteristic of ray-formed matter is that it is energy that can hold information. Around our body we have this huge field of information that is, at the same time, a field of energy. It is this energy that makes our heartbeat, our blood flow, that enables us to breathe, move our limbs, to walk, talk, laugh, cry and smile. Without our field of energy, we could not move at all. And, when the field of energy leaves the physical body during the process, we call death, the body can no longer do anything. It lies there as an inert lump of matter and it is, because it has lost its field of energy.

Energy Cannot Cease to Exist

When the field of energy (holding our consciousness) leaves the physical body, which will now quickly start to dissolve because it was the field that held it together, it does not cease to exist. The field of energy cannot dissolve or disappear because one characteristic of energy is that it cannot cease to exist. The field moves on to the spiritual plane and it is the law of attraction that sees to it, where it goes. The field operates on a specific wavelength and it will be attracted to a wavelength in the non-physical world that is similar to its own.

The Unrecognized Identity

The unrecognized identity is that electromagnetic radiation is the same as spiritual matter / ray-formed matter and as long as science does not recognize that there is electromagnetic radiation around our body and that this is the most important part of who we are, then there can be no real understanding of who we are. And THAT IS THE MATTER!

Once we realize that our consciousness with all the accumulated information gathered over previous lives consists of a field of ray-formed matter and that this field of energy survives the death of the physical body, then we can explain the enigmas that science is struggling with: Where is the constant of our physical body, when all our cells are replaced after approximately one year; how can the two ignorant sex cells create a new body, consisting of trillions of cells organized in the most logical and well-functioning way; where does consciousness come from; and where do our talents come from when they are not identical to those of our parents?

In our book ´Reincarnation in a Nutshell´ Maria McMahon and I answer all these questions in a completely logical way. So, if you want to know why reincarnation is a fundamental and essential prerequisite for life, then we invite you to read it – and decide for yourself if reincarnation is real.





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