I often get questions on Quora about the end of our cycle of reincarnations. Many are eager to learn when this cycle might be over for them, so in this blog-post I´ll address this question so that it becomes clear when we do not have to come back to the physical plane again.

Let me start by stating that all life forms reincarnate – no exception: this is valid for the mouse, the beetle, the horse, the pig, the tree, the ape and all humans, of course. You cannot mention a life form that does not reincarnate.

The physical body is a created “thing”, and like all other created things it has a beginning and an end. Its physical life span varies according to its species, but it is valid for all physical beings that they are born, live for a certain number of years, and then their physical body dies. This death is, by a lot of people, seen as the extinguishing of their life, but this is absolutely not so, because who we are, our real I and consciousness, survives each and every time our physical body dies. The body was just an instrument our consciousness used for its sojourn on the physical plane, but it is not who we really are.

Who we really are is our consciousness  – the field of energy that holds our thoughts, memories and self. We can also call this field our spiritual body or soul. This field is reflected in our aura, and it sits inside and around our physical body as long as the body is alive. It is neither created by the brain nor is it limited to the brain. This point is what the mainstream narrative wants us to believe, but it is an unproven claim.

When the physical body stops working due to illness, injury or old age, the energy field of the consciousness pulls out and moves on to the spiritual plane for a good long rest. When it is rested, it returns to the physical plane in a new body that it creates on the basis on the information stored in its consciousness. We are the same being from one life to the next – only wiser, because we take the essence of everything we learned in our former lives with us into our next life. In this way we grow and evolve from life to life.

Our evolutionary journey

We started our cycle of reincarnations millions of lives ago as primitive, ignorant beings, and we advance through the cycle with the only aim of gathering experiences of how life works. The aim of our evolution is to become real, finished human beings that can only emanate unconditional, universal love. We then achieve cosmic consciousness and become 100% enlightened beings.

Right now we are unfinished human beings, and we are unfinished as long as we can still lie, steal, hurt, harm, cheat, and murder. We are unfinished as long as we are envious, jealous, conceited, irritable, intolerant, greedy, dishonest, selfish, unforgiving, proud and miserly, and as long as we like to gossip and talk behind people´s backs. And especially: as long as we participate in any form of killings, be it in war, with any weapon or via our diet.

To find out when we can stop our present cycle of rebirths, all we have to do is to take stock in a 100 % honest way of how many unfinished sides we still have. As long as we still have these not-so-pretty sides, we have to come back, because we still have things to learn.

We can do a lot to tone down our primitive sides as soon as we become aware of them. Then we can work consciously on eliminating those tendencies and in that way we can help our own evolution.

It really is quite simple. When we reach the point when all we are able to do is love all other beings unconditionally and we could not hurt any living being and have become real, finished human beings, then and only then, can we stop reincarnating.

Our unrealistic and self-glorifying view of ourselves

I once had a friend who was quite spiritual and she would often say: “This is my last incarnation, I don´t have to come back because I am so evolved.”

It is 100% certain that when someone thinks that, and even says it, then it is a clear indication that their cycle of rebirths is not over yet. They still have a lot of lessons to learn and humility is one of them.

So, the conclusion is that your desires to not have to come back to the physical plane are not enough. You cannot decide yourself not to come back. Only a truthful stocktaking of your evolutionary stage can reveal if all your unfinished sides have been eliminated and if they haven´t, you still have to come back until you have graduated with honours from the school of life.

We know that we are ready to stop reincarnating when we achieve cosmic consciousness and become an enlightened being. Then our cycle of reincarnations is over and only then.

It is so that when we are on the spiritual plane between physical lives, we can have a look into the higher spiritual worlds and they look so attractive, wonderful and alluring that we point up there and say: Oh, I want to go up there.  And then our guardian angel will point to the physical plane and say: Yes, of course you do, and one day you will, but first you have to go down there again. You still have a lot to learn …

There are no shortcuts to cosmic consciousness and the end of rebirths.

To get a full overview of the evidence for reincarnation, of why it is necessary and how it takes place I invite you to read this book:





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