We are eternal beings. Something that is eternal has never begun nor will it ever end. We are each such an eternal being because we are a small quantum of the eternal being of God.
Eternity is an inconceivably long time. And what can we do with all that time? Well, the best way to pass time is to experience something. When we experience things, we feel alive and time does not feel long.

We move eternally between light and darkness

The universe has been created so ingeniously that we move eternally between the two contrasts of light and darkness. We experience the light in the spiritual world, which is a wonderful world of bliss and love, and we experience the darkness in the physical world, which is a world where all sorts of unhappy fates are experienced. Both worlds are equally important, because we cannot eternally experience light without its contrast: darkness.

Darkness culminates when there are wars and bloodshed

The darkness culminates in a world where there is no universal love, where there are wars, terrorist attacks, rapes, murders, stealing and bloodshed. The darkness has been culminating on this planet for about a century now although the dawn is near. Darkness culminates because there is greed, a lust for power and money, blood thirst, egoism, hatred and fear.

We are coming from selfishness and going towards universal love

We are coming from the ´animal´ kingdom characterized by selfishness, and we are moving towards the real human kingdom characterized by universal love, empathy and compassion. We are, according to Martinus, wounded fugitives between two kingdoms. In tune with our evolution towards becoming real, all-loving human beings, our humanity will grow, and we will gradually, over a series of lives or incarnations, develop into real, all-loving human beings. We are coming from selfishness and going towards universal love.

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