Who will I be in my next life?

It seems to be a common misconception that we can reincarnate as subhuman species such as rats or snakes, or that we will be a totally different person in our next life.

But none of this is true.

There is only one possibility for who I will be in my next life: I will be me! I will be who I am today, only in a better, more moral, wiser, cleverer and prettier version.

Our I is at the center of our being and this is who we really are.  It is simply not possible to become somebody else. Our I is an eternal entity and it is the core of our being.

Our I is on an eternal journey between the two contrasts of light and darkness, wisdom and ignorance, joy and misery, love and unlove.

Version number 3766 of me

As we move through eternity we move in cycles. In each cycle we must experience both light and darkness. We experience light, love and wisdom in the spiritual world and darkness, ignorance and unlove in the physical world. Once we have culminated in our experience of darkness, we start moving towards the light and we gradually experience better and better fates.

The aim of our journey is to become real, enlightened human beings and reach the point where we achieve cosmic consciousness.

It is impossible to say how many physical lives we live to reach enlightenment, so the number I put in the heading is just a random number. But as our journey as humans starts as primitive, egoistic and greedy beings, it will take thousands of  physical reincarnations to reach the state of the real human being that can only express universal love. But at this point in time the most evolved of us are not very far away from becoming enlightened. We are more evolved than we think, we are. We may still have unfinished sides to our character, but they will be eliminated by life itself, which is our greatest teacher.

Everything we learn in one life is stored in our supra-consciousness as a talent kernel, and this means that what we were good at in a past life, we will also be good at when we are reborn. We continue our evolution each time we reincarnate at exactly the place we had reached when we last “died”, and this means that, as we move forwards in the cycle, we become better and better at a number of things, we master new skills, we learn from our mistakes and realize that it pays to be good. In this way we accumulate wisdom and talents over many incarnations.

Each physical life we live brings us valuable lessons, and we take the essence of these lessons learned with us into our next life. In this way we build stone upon stone in our improvement as humans. We will, over time, realize that lying, stealing, cheating, harming, hurting and killing is wrong, and we will stop practicing those things. Our ability to feel compassion for the sufferings of others also grows in tune with our own sufferings, so in this way we will become more and more empathetic and less and less egoistic.  This means that each life is a step up the ladder towards enlightenment and the achievement of cosmic consciousness.

The last war

Right now we have quite recently passed the culmination of darkness, which was probably during WW2 with its battles in so many places, followed by suffering, miserable fates and the death of millions of people. Each war is a huge lesson showing us the consequences of waging war. These consequences will always be suffering and more suffering. No happy fates can come out of wars. When we have experienced this a number of times over several life times, we will finally learn that we cannot create a happy fate for ourselves when millions of others are suffering.

However, when those millions reincarnate they will do so with an echo of their previous suffering in their consciousness, and they will be against war. In this way, more and more people will outgrow the killing principle and according to Martinus, the last war will be fought on this planet in 300 to 500 years. Then the peace-lovers will become the majority of the global population, and world peace will gradually become a reality. Then we will have all outlived the killing principle, and prosperity, harmonious coexistence and universal love will rule the planet.

The widespread fallacy in the western world

We cannot come to any conclusive understanding about life and its purpose until we take reincarnation into consideration. It is a major fallacy in the western world that the majority of its inhabitants keep believing in the never-proved one-life theory.

This firm belief in the idea that we only live once stands in the way of a deeper understanding of why we are here and how we create our fates. As long as we believe that our fates are dished out randomly like an overcooked carrot in a cheap canteen we will go on living in ignorance about the meaning of life.

We will go on being egoistic, greedy, inconsiderate and power-hungry as long as we think that we only live once and must gather as many riches together for ourselves to get the most out of our one life.

Belief in the one-life theory will die out over time, as the absurdity of the idea dawns on more and more people, and as evidence for the survival of consciousness becomes better known. We already have evidence from research into the near-death experience, children who remember past lives, regression therapy, death bed visions and children who exhibit extraordinary talents at an early age. Once these revelations reach the mainstream narrative, the belief in the one-life theory will die out. It is just a question of time.

And then we will know that death is an illusion and that life, not death, rules supreme all over the universe.

To learn more about why reincarnation is a fact, please read this enlightening book:



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