The mainstream narrative tells us that our birth is the result of pure coincidence and that there is nothing unique about us. We are merely the result of two people having sex and it is solely the genetic material that defines who we are. But this idea has never been proved as it is becoming clear that we are much more than just our genes. It is also in stark contrast to what Martinus reveals in his spiritual science. Let us take a brief look at the really big picture or life from three essential perspectives: the cosmic, the mesocosmic and the local perspectives.

We are tiny quanta of the living, conscious universe  – the cosmic perspective

Each and every one of us is much much more than just a mix of our parental genes. We are all a tiny quanta of the eternal universe or God, and for that reason we are also eternal. We are needed because we are a part of God, and just as all the cells in our body are needed to form our physical body, we are needed to form a part of God´s body  – not only `his´ physical body but also his consciousness. This means that our physical body is a tiny part of God´s physical body (the physical universe) and our consciousness is a tiny part of God´s spiritual body (his consciousness).  We can also call our consciousness our sprit or soul. It is this entity, with our I at its core, that makes up our eternal body and it is who we really are. Our physical body is just a temporary instrument that we use to experience the physical world or darkness.

One of the really huge revelations that Martinus presents is that there is in reality no difference between thoughts and energy – both are non-physical types of matter that hold information. This is something that our sciences have still not understood, but once they do, huge progress will be made in our understanding of the universe and life itself. Nicola Tesla expressed it like this: “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

The realization that energy is the same as thought matter has huge implications. Thoughts are the same as consciousness. We can also call thoughts spiritual matter. Spiritual matter is energy. Today we know that what was once believed to be empty space (the huge space between the physical objects of the universe) is not empty at all. It is stuffed with energy. As energy is spirit or consciousness, we can now conclude that we are alive in a conscious universe. As a consciousness has to belong to a living being, we can now see the outline of a huge, conscious living being. We can call this huge living being, of which we are all tiny parts, God, the Universe, the Absolute, the Source or whatever we can think of which reflects the grandness of this enormous living being.

We move through eternity in cycles

As we are tiny parts of the eternal universe, we are equally eternal. Our existence has no beginning and no ending. If it did, it was not eternal. Furthermore, the universe is teeming with life, and the idea that we are alone in this enormous space is equivalent to believing there is only one fish in the sea. All living beings form part of this eternal universe and they are all eternal. Eternity is an inconceivably long time. We can hardly get our heads around it and we ask ourselves: what in the world do we do with all that time? How do we spend eternity?

Well, our eternal journey has been so ingeniously designed that we move in cycles that spiral upwards. In that way we never repeat the same cycle. In the passage of one cycle (which takes millions of years to complete), we must experience both light and darkness, both ignorance and wisdom. I can also put it like this: in a cyclic passage through eternity we have to live through extreme happiness in the spiritual world and extreme misery in the physical world. We have to do that, because without contrast the universe cannot exist eternally. If there were no contrast, the universe would have to end, when every living being alive in it had experienced one of the aspects, e.g. the light, to the full. Then there would be no more to experience for all the living beings alive, a total whiteout would set in, and the universe would have to end.

But it does not because the opposite of light exists for us to experience: darkness. In a cyclic passage 1/6th part is in darkness. Most of the time we live in the light. But in the animal kingdom and the realm of the unfinished human being, which is where we are right now, we experience darkness in the shape of unhappy fates, wars, terrorism, pandemics, refugee camps, concentration camps, natural disasters, unhappy marriages, illnesses, and misery. But these less attractive aspects of life are not a punishment from an angry God (which is how they have often been interpreted), but a prerequisite for the renewal of our consciousness and the eternal existence of the universe.

We are on a journey of evolution – the mesocosmic perspective

As mentioned, we move through eternity in cycles. In each cycle there is both light and wisdom in the spiritual world and darkness and ignorance in the physical world. In this way we move eternally between the two contrasts of light / wisdom and darkness / ignorance.  I can also put it like this: we unfold from darkness and ignorance towards light and wisdom and we enfold from light and wisdom towards darkness and ignorance. Each and every one of us is somewhere on this journey of either unfolding or enfolding. This takes us to the mesocosmic perspective.

Right now we are emerging from the animal kingdom and we find ourselves in the realm of the unfinished human kingdom. These two realms constitute the darkness of our passage of the cycle. It is here that we experience the contrast to the light and love of the spiritual realms. And don´t we know it? Don´t we know that we are living in dark times with all the wars, pandemics, greed, egoism, intolerance and killing we are witnessing every day? And have we not had enough of it? Don´t we yearn for peace, prosperity, equality, happiness and love? Most of us probably do, but there are still those who don´t. Those who still want to go to war, who want power, riches and privileges only for themselves are the least evolved humans. They have further to go on their evolutionary journey than those who have realized that the riches of the earth belong to everybody and not just to the few who have been able to amass it for themselves. The more advanced are those who have realized that peace cannot be created with war and that all types of killing, including that of the animals we eat, is wrong and that those animals have as much right to a decent life as we have.

But, you may now ask, why are some more advanced than others? The answer to this is simple: they started on their journey through the cycle before the others. They entered the physical plane from the spiritual plane on their journey of enfolding before the others. It is not that they are better than others, they are just ahead of them in the human race. Which takes us to the local perspective.

Reincarnation – the local perspective

The one-life theory is still predominant today, and indeed the belief in it is part of our submersion into darkness. When we live through wars and persecution, in miserable conditions in deep poverty, and when we think that God is dead and that we only live one life, then we have hit the rock bottom or culmination of darkness. Then it is as dark as it can get. And from then on, we start our journey back towards the light. In other words: we start unfolding towards light and wisdom. This process takes many lives and we lose a lot of physical bodies on the journey, but it is not a tragedy, because who we really are, our spirit /soul /consciousness, survives the death of all those physical bodies, and for each life we live, we reap experiences and move a step towards the light and wisdom. Wisdom and insight into the eternal laws of life are the result of all those physical lives in darkness, and with our sufferings comes the greatest gift: that of compassion and an ability to feel empathy with the sufferings of others and a wish to express universal love.

It is through reincarnation that life is “blown” into the physical plane and death is an illusion. For each life we live, we move closer to the goal of our journey: to emerge as finished, all-loving human beings that are humble, altruistic and compassionate and only live to serve others. Every living being is on that journey and everybody will, sooner or later, reach the goal of becoming finished human beings that can only emanate love. Once we have reached that point, our experience of darkness ends and we live for eons of time in the spiritual worlds, where we become parts of God´s primary consciousness where extreme light, love and wisdom dwell.

In the universe there is only a source of love. There is no source of evil. What we may perceive as evil is ´only´ an experience of the necessary contrast to the light. The universe is a much more magical place than most of us realize. Martinus puts it like this: “The Universe is a manifestation of the love, instruction and entertainment of a living being directed or aimed towards every single thing in existence.” (Martinus, Livets Bog II, section 488).

When we reincarnate we are drawn towards the love-making couple that will become our next parents and there is nothing haphazard about this process. It is ruled by the law of attraction and we are attracted to just the right parents that can help and support us on the first part of our journey to the physical plane.

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