Maybe some of us thought that the Second World War was the war to end all wars, but that assumption has been proven wrong. Right now, we have wars in many places all over the planet: some small, some big and some we do not even call wars, but terrorist attacks. We also have sporadic killings, violent attacks, and bloodshed. Of course we are abhorred, tired and disgusted, and are asking ourselves: will it ever end?

War will end in 500 years

Yes, it will. It will end in 500 years. This prediction has been put forward by Martinus, the Danish visionary, who lived from 1890 till 1981. On what does Martinus base this prediction? On the fact that we are evolving away from being warlike, power-hungry and bloodthirsty towards becoming humane, empathetic and all loving. However, there are two prerequisites that we first have to accept.

We will learn compassion

The first is that we do not achieve the high goal of becoming humane, all loving and peaceful beings over only one lifetime. The process from warlike to all loving is one that takes many, many lifetimes, and we are all standing in the middle of a huge transformation of our psyches from primitive, power-hungry and bloodthirsty to advanced, humane and all loving beings. This transformation takes place in our mentality as a result of our own suffering. Each time we suffer, we will add to our own ´bank account´ of compassion, empathy and universal love, and we will learn compassion in the areas where we have once suffered ourselves. The experience of suffering, reaped through war and darkness, will be stored in our supraconsciousness, and we take this knowledge with us into our next incarnation.

Our evolutionary road

When we are reborn after a life of much suffering, we will have been ´cured´ of the desire to participate in the suffering of others, and in this way our humanity grows for each life we live. We have to understand that we all live an endless number of lives, and that we are all on an evolutionary road towards becoming real, compassionate, all-loving beings. This happens as we add more and more ability to manifest universal love for each life we live.

Some have walked longer on the evolutionary road than others

The second prerequisite is that not all of us are standing on the same level of evolution. This is obvious, as it is clear that some are more warlike and aggressive than others. Those who are the most compassionate and all loving have come a longer way in their evolution than those who have no compassion with others, and who can still find it in their hearts to participate in killings, murder and terrorist attacks. However, we are all on our way, and we will all reach the goal of becoming real, humane, peaceful and all loving human beings. Some have just walked on that road longer than others have.

We reap as we sow

According to Martinus, the last war will have been fought in 500 years, because by then, those who are warlike today will have evolved into peaceful, all-loving beings through the reaping of the sufferings they have exposed others to.
We reap as we sow, and nobody can understand his or her fate seen in a one-life perspective. Many, many lives are required for us to evolve from bloodthirsty, power-seeking, easily offended individuals to real, peace-loving human beings. But we are all on our way, and the future looks bright and beautiful once we see the bigger picture. In 500 years there WILL be world peace.

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