The secrets of our consciousness

If you want to know what our consciousness really is, the best way to do so is to turn to Martinus´ spiritual science. One of the differences between spiritual science and materialistic science is that spiritual science can look beyond the physical level and into the spiritual level, where everything has its origin. Materialist science, on the other hand, only deals with what can be seen, touched and measured. It does not recognize the existence of a spiritual level. But as long as we only look at physical matter we will never be able to unlock the secrets of our consciousness.

Our consciousness is a field of energy

Today most people in the western world believe that they are identical to their physical body, and that when the body dies, their existence ends forever. But this is far from factual because we are NOT our body. Who we really are is our consciousness. Our consciousness is a field of energy that sits around the physical body in the shape of our aura. It is not restricted to the brain, as is the mainstream perception.

The energy field  / consciousness cannot be destroyed

It has been established that energy cannot be created or destroyed. This has been defined in the law of conservation of energy. Something that cannot be created or destroyed can be said to simply exist. It can also be said to be eternal. And spiritual science states that our consciousness survives every time we lose a physical body. When our physical body becomes useless due to injury, illness or old age, the consciousness pulls out and moves on to the spiritual plane. This process has been confirmed in hundreds of cases of near-death experiences. Their physical body was clinically dead, but they were still very much alive and could observe their dead body from above. They could still see, hear, feel and experience their surroundings. In  most cases they entered a world of extreme beauty, where they met a being of light. They were then  told  that it was not their time yet, so they had to return to their physical body. This they then did reluctantly.

Our aura

Our aura is a reflection of the energy field that surrounds our body. This energy field is identical to our consciousness. Our consciousness is in reality a huge collection of thoughts. Spiritual science states that our thoughts have a double identity: they hold energy and they hold information. A thought is like a coin with two sides: force/energy and information: you cannot have one without the other. Our thoughts are such small bundles of energy / force with information, and a whole field of thoughts is what constitutes our consciousness.

Due to the identity of our thoughts with energy, our consciousness constitutes our life force. Because our consciousness is our life force, it is no wonder that the physical body stops working when the consciousness pulls out. Once there is no consciousness in the body, it is like any electrical gadget of which the plug has been pulled. Without the electrical force both the body and the hand mixer stop working. But just as the electricity does not stop existing just because we unplug it from the mixer, the same is the case with the consciousness. It still exists after it has been unplugged from the body. It moves on to the spiritual plane (the huge ocean of energy of ´empty space`) and stays there until it is time for it to reincarnate into a new physical body.

The energy field / consciousness / aura holds electric waves or vibrations. These vibrations create a type of magnetism. This magnetism is very important to what we attract in life, as the law of attraction decrees that like attracts like. The vibration depends on the type of thoughts we think. A loving thought has a vibration that is different from a hateful thought. It is on the basis of the quality of our thinking that we attract our life conditions, friends, spouses etc. Indeed, our whole level of health and happiness depends on our thinking.

Our consciousness is identical to what has traditionally been called the soul

Our aura forms a field around the body and this field has been well studied and can be illustrated like this:

Illustration of human energy field with chakras

This means that a lot of progress has been made in our understanding of the simple fact that we are more, much more, than our physical body. It is about time that we realize this. I can also put it like this: our consciousness is the software and the physical body is the hardware of who we are. And just as a computer is no good without the software, neither is the body. And just as the computer can break and be destroyed without the software being destroyed, so can the body. The software, in the shape of our consciousness, survives every time the physical body is destroyed, and thus it is an eternal entity. It cannot cease to exist. Simply put, the software / consciousness is identical to what has traditionally been called the soul.

What does the consciousness hold?

The consciousness holds a huge amount of information about the person we are. This information lies embedded in the consciousness in the shape of wave interference patterns.

The core of our consciousness is our I or sense of self. The field of our consciousness sits around our I. Many materialistic scientists would claim that we do not have an I, and that we are identical to our brain. Still they do not say: the brain is going on vacation, the brain likes pizza, the brain loves you, the brain wants sex etc. Even if they claim to be identical to their brain, they all use the word “I” every day. And the reason why they do, is that this “I” is the core of who they are, whether they like it or not.

Our consciousness / energy field holds all the information about who we are: It consists of the totality of our thoughts, our memories, our level of intelligence, our character traits and personality, our abilities, habits, tastes and tendencies, our emotional intelligence, our likes and dislikes, what we can accept and are willing to do, what we can find it in our hearts to do to others, what we dare or are afraid of, our possible phobias, our emotions and patterns of reaction, our morals and moral compass, our ethics, the basis for our behavior, our cardinal virtues, our level of health or illness, all our experiences, all the knowledge that we have accumulated over thousands of lives and our talents.

In other words: our consciousness holds all the information about our experiences and lessons learned over those thousands of lives. It is a treasure trove of information, and for each life we live, we add to this accumulated information because each and every life offers lots of experiences and lessons learned, and thus we grow in wisdom, insight and humaneness for each life we live. I can also put it like this: each time we reincarnate we become a better and wiser version of who we are.

It is easy to substantiate the claim that our consciousness holds memories, traumas and lessons learned in former lives, because these memories can be accessed via hypnosis during regression therapy. This therapy has been studied closely over decades and incredible healing has resulted from confronting traumatizing events in former lives. It is all stored in our supra-consciousness and can be accessed with the help of a therapist. This has been documented widely by researchers in the field of past lives, e.g. Michael Newman (the Newman Institute) and Richard Martini. Both have written several books and once you have read them, there can be no doubt whatsoever about the existence of past lives memories in our supra-consciousness.

The constant of our physical body

It has become clear that our physical body is undergoing a constant process of renewal. Our body consists of individual cells, and the average life span of the cells is around three months. Then they die and are replaced by new cells. This means, and has been confirmed by materialistic science, that after a year we have a completely new body. Until recently it was believed that the brain cells were excluded from this constant renewal, but the latest research has toppled this idea. Also our brain cells are renewed, and this means that every cell in our body is new compared to a year ago. Still, we are the same person. How can that be? It can only be because the constant element of our body, who we are, is not in the physical body, but in the consciousness. Our consciousness is the constant element of our body. It is who we really are.

Our fate element

In our supra-consciousness we have an organ which Martinus calls the fate element. It is a kind of storage ´room´ for our experiences, abilities and talents and lessons learned. Once we have learned a certain lesson, this knowledge is stored in the fate element and when it is, it means that we can draw on the stored information in a later life, when we are in a situation that resembles a situation we have been in during a past life. This means, for instance, that a kind of warning bell will ring in our mind, when we are about to do something that we already know will lead us into trouble. The effect of this is that the experienced person can no longer steal, hurt, lie or kill. S/he will shy away from situations that may lead to trouble. Also, our karmic debts are registered in the fate element, so that our karma and fate can be released when the opportunity presents itself.

Our talents

Another huge ingredient of our consciousness is our talents. Everybody is born with a number of talents, and we all have several talents that none of our parents have. The mainstream narrative wants us to believe that we inherit our talents from our parents, but that is far from the case. We have our talents because we have worked hard to get them. Nobody gets their talents for free via inheritance. We all know that there is only one way to generate skills, and that is via practice. Nobody becomes skillful by lying on the sofa. You have to get up and work, practice and work some more to create a skill. When you do, a small talent kernel is created in your supra-consciousness, and the more you practice, the more that talent kernel grows. After many years of practicing the same skill, the talent kernel has become a huge tree, and the talent has taken over the whole process of performing the skill, thus releasing the brain from the ´job´. You then become a virtuoso in this particular field and the talent, at the level of perfection it has reached, accompanies you from life to life.

When we are born to parents with similar talents to our own, it is due to the law of attraction. This law makes us liable to be attracted to parents with similar talents as our own. But there is never a complete match. We all have talents that none of our parents have. Materialist science is totally silent about his fact. They do not even have a theory.

Automatic functions

Among our many talents we find all our automatic functions such as heartbeat, breathing, blood circulation, digestion, menstrual cycle, ability to crawl, walk, stand, run, glandular functions and many more. In other words, when we are born we have a whole range of automatic functions that work in our body without us being aware of it. The knowledge of how these automatic functions work lies embedded in the consciousness and it accompanies us from life to life.

Embryo genesis

The most important of these automatic functions is the know-how of embryo genesis. It is on the basis of the information stored in our consciousness that we are able to create a new physical body for ourselves when we are ready to reincarnate. At the moment of conception our consciousness is attracted to a love-making couple that fits our own mental set-up and talents. It is no coincidence who becomes our next parents, and this is due to the workings of the law of attraction. The very moment the sperm cell enters the egg, and cell division beings, the third party of the sexual act, the incoming soul, joins the party and immediately takes over the process of embryo genesis. It has all the knowledge about how a new body is created because all this is embedded in its consciousness as an automatic function. It has become an automatic function because it has done it many many times before.

The incoming soul now orchestrates the whole process of embryonic development from the single cell of the zygote to the complex 26,000,000,000 cell structure of the new-born baby. This is a huge achievement and can only be done with profound insight into embryo genesis. The egg and the sperm cells do not have a clue. They only deliver the necessary small amount of physical matter to get the process started.

When the baby is born it continues its journey towards perfection and enlightenment from exactly the place it stopped the last time it “died”. To learn more please read my recent blogpost: How does reincarnation take place? You can read it here:

Our pole transformation

Also the level of our pole transformation lies embedded in our consciousness. We are all on an evolutionary journey from primitive to advanced and all-loving beings. We have evolved from the animal kingdom where we were one-poled: either male or female. As we evolve towards more humane and altruistic stages, our pole structure changes imperceptibly so that we, once we reach enlightenment, emerge as double poled: real finished, all-loving human beings, that are both male and female, indeed androgynous, with the male and female poles in balance. The level of our pole structure is also embedded in our consciousness and when we reincarnate, we continue this process from exactly the place it had reached the last time we “died”.


Our consciousness is who we are. It cannot be created or destroyed. We are eternal beings on a never-ending journey through physical and spiritual levels of existence in a universe whose basic tone is love.

The aim of our evolutionary journey is to become real, finished, altruistic and emphatic humans beings that can only emanate and manifest universal love. We are all on this journey towards perfection, but not all have come equally far. It is via our accumulated wisdom, insight and humaneness over many lives that we have become the people we are today, and one fine day we will emerge as finished, all-loving humans beings due to the accumulated information embedded in our consciousness, harvested over thousands of lives.

Death is an illusion and the sooner we realize this, the better for humanity and our future. This realization is overdue.

Let me finish by saying that this short text can only be seen as an outline of the main characteristics of our consciousness. There are volumes more to be said about the subject.

Please write your comments or questions in the comment box below and I shall answer them to the best of my ability.

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