Can a tornado blow through a scrapyard and at the same time assemble a jumbo jet?

To most people this idea is ludicrous because it is obvious that things do not work like that. In order to assemble a jumbo jet, we need intelligent thinking, a creative ability and all the right materials. A lot of rational thinking, meticulous planning and efficient execution are needed to create something as complicated as a jumbo jet.

This is so obvious that even a child can see that.

However, this way of thinking, i.e. the idea, that something inanimate can give rise to logically and intelligently working creations, is predominant within our whole way of perceiving the world and universe.

The mainstream narrative wants us to believe that our existence started with an explosion  – a big bang.

The Big Bang Theory

This theory is based on the assumption that, because the universe is expanding, all matter was once centred in one small place, and then a massive explosion took place. From this massive explosion everything we see around us arose: the Earth with its population of billions of living beings, alive in a natural environment where everything is recycled, is a result of this explosion. When we exist, it is due to this explosion and chance, random mutations and haphazard events. There is no creator with intelligence or logical thinking behind the creations, even though they demonstrate a superior functioning.

In the ´old days´ people believed that there was a superior being  – God- with intention, intelligence and planning behind the creations alive in the universe, but with the onslaught of Scientism (the idea that Science has all the answers and is the new religion) a lot of people have become atheists and have waved goodbye to the faith-based religions and the idea of an intelligent creator. And when they do, they are left with chance and chaos as the governing, creative principle of the existence of the universe.

The science of physics studies the laws of Nature and has done so for centuries. It has reached a lot of conclusions about how Nature works and has called them ´natural laws´. So, on the one hand it is accepted that Nature is ruled by laws, such as the law of gravity, but on the other hand, chaos rules.

Chaos or cosmos?

Now, this is obviously so self-contradictory that nobody in her/his right mind can accept it. It is either chaos (chance as the governing principle) or cosmos (the well-ordered universe ruled by laws). It is not both.

This was already noted by the renowned  American biologist and zoologist Edwin Conklin (1863 to 1952) when he said:

In order to come to the conclusion that an intelligent creator is indispensable, all you have to do is study the workings of nature and the living bodies in detail, and it becomes clear that the workings and functionality of the living beings reveal details of such superior intelligence that chance simply cannot have created them, not even with thousands of lucky and appropriate mutations. It is so unlikely that nobody in his/her right mind can accept it as a governing principle for the existence of life and life-forms.

The idea of chance and chaos as a governing principle for the existence of everything goes against all logical thinking. It is an unproved, highly unlikely theory based on far-fetched assumptions and wild guesses.

So, where does this leave us?

It leaves us with a colossal hole in our understanding of the world we live in, and it makes us realize that we have nothing with which we can replace the old religious idea of an intelligent creator or God.

We have thrown God overboard but are standing empty-handed without a replacement. Scientism has failed dismally in this field, but not everybody has noticed it. They still believe that an explosion in a print shop can create an unabridged dictionary and that a tornado can blow though a scrapyard and assemble a jumbo jet.

So, what do we need?

Spiritual science

What we need is not better science or a new religion. We need spiritual science which can bridge Science and Spirituality. It is not either Science or a spiritual outlook, but both. We need spiritual science which gives us logical answers to life´s big questions.  We need to include the spiritual level into our field of scientific studies.

Nicola Tesla expressed this idea decades ago:

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
― Nikola Tesla

The reason why Science cannot answer life´s big questions is that it only studies what can be seen, measured and touched. It has still not acknowledged that the universe is stuffed to the brim with invisible matter: energy or non-physical matter.  Martinus calls this ray-formed matter.

Ray-formed matter is also present in our own bodily structure in the shape of our thoughts. We cannot see our thoughts or hold them in our hand, but we all know that we have them. Our thoughts are the most important element in our lives. All our decisions, creations and actions arise from our thoughts. This means that the invisible thoughts existed before a physical item or action materialised. It is always thought first. Everything man-made was a thought before it became a physical thing. There is no exception to this.

Martinus furthermore points out that our thoughts have energy or force in them.  This means that our thoughts are our life-force. The field of energy that our life-force constitutes is the same as our consciousness.

This means that our body is “fuelled” by our consciousness. It is the field of energy of our consciousness that makes the body come alive. And once the body has become useless due to injury, illness or old age, the consciousness pulls out and moves on to the spiritual plane. When the consciousness pulls out, the body loses its source of energy, and we say that it is dead. But the energy field of the consciousness does not cease to exist just because it is no longer attached to the body. As our consciousness holds our I and all the information about us, accumulated over thousands of lives, we are still very much alive without the physical body. We are the same being with or without the physical body. The body was just an instrument for the spiritual forces of our I.

This example illustrates that our invisible or non-physical spirit / consciousness is the most important part of who we are. It is NOT the physical body. And in the same way it is the energy of “empty space” that is the most important part of the universe. It is a sea of consciousness, of wisdom and insight, and it is from this plane that everything physical has arisen. Everything was a thought first! We are alive in a conscious universe and everything physical has arisen from this consciousness.

A consciousness must necessarily belong to a living being. This means that we must write the existence of a superior being back into the equation. It means we must reintroduce God and realize that there is a creator behind a tree, a flower, a mountain, a bee, a human, a whale, a coconut , a stone and a cloud, just as there is a creator behind everything man-made: a chair, a computer, a car, a pencil, a table, a lamp and a house.

Now, please do not think that I am trying to sell my readers a religious concept of God. All I want is to point out is that there HAS TO be a creator once we realize that nothing can create itself.

For an ´new´ version of God please read my blog-post here:

We are alive in a universe where there is consciousness and thought behind every manifestation. The universe is not a dead mass of random stuff floating around in space, but an expression of profound wisdom, intelligence and love. Indeed, it is suffused by logic and meaning, and Martinus reveals how this is so.

There is a plan with the existence of the universe: a master plan thought out by a superior intelligence. A plan in which you and I all have our tiny roles to play. A plan so mind-blowing and awe-inspiring that we need all our intellectual ability to begin to grasp it. In order to do so we must study spiritual science.

Once we begin to look at the world from this angle, we will, as Tesla said, make more progress than ever before in our understanding of the world we live in.

And we will begin to grasp that chance and chaos will not do as originators to intelligent and logical creations.  Behind a logically functioning creation there has to be a creator. A logical creation cannot arise from chance.

The existence of the creator sits above all religions or belief systems. No belief system can have monopoly of God. With time it will become a fact that such a creator is the prerequisite for the existence of everything else.  And belief will gradually be replaced with knowledge.


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