Does Heaven Exist?

Last month my blog-post was about the existence of Hell and you may have asked yourself in the meantime that if Hell is real and here on Earth, then how about Heaven? Most of us have probably heard about Heaven during our upbringing from our parents, school or church, but is it more than wishful thinking?

Well, yes, and here is why: This is not the only life we live. We have all lived an infinite number of lives before this and reincarnation is factual, because who we really are is not this physical body but our consciousness, which is a field of energy that survives every time we lose a physical body.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed so our consciousness is indestructible and thus eternal. Death, understood as the dissolution of our consciousness and a cessation of our ability to experience, is an illusion. We are always alive in our sprit body or consciousness.

Now, when our consciousness pulls out of the physical body during the process that we call death, it has to go somewhere. It has to go to a place other than the physical plane. It goes to the spiritual plane.

In the universe there are two planes of existence: The physical plane and the spiritual plane. Most people alive today believe that only the physical world is real, because it is what we can see and touch. But the spiritual world is just as real as the physical world, and we are beginning to realize this via the many reports from near-death experiencers. They all come back with reports about a wonderful, beautiful world that they visited while their body was clinically dead. This experience was life-changing and made them lose all fear of death.

Life on the other side

Martinus was adamant about the existence of the spiritual world and he underlined that the spiritual world is the primary world and the physical the secondary world. The spiritual world is a light world of thought or electricity and it is in the spiritual world that everything has its origin.

In the spiritual world we are just as alive in our spiritual body as we are here on Earth in our physical body because our spiritual body is the energy body that holds all the information about who we are.

The information held in our spiritual body is the result of the reaping of experiences and learning over thousands of previous lives. In a sense we ARE our previous lives and it is on the basis of the information held in our consciousness that we are placed in the spiritual world when we pass over.

Destinations in the spiritual world

The spiritual world consists of energy on an infinite number of wavelengths, indeed, there is a wavelength for every possible thought climate. A thought climate dominated by kindness, helpfulness and universal love vibrates on a wavelength that is different from a thought climate dominated by hatred, revenge and desires to destroy and kill.

When we pass over, our consciousness will be attracted (via the law of attraction) to a wavelength that is similar to its own. A loving person will be attracted to a loving wavelength and a hateful person will be attracted to a hateful wavelength.


But this placement according to the predominant thoughts in our consciousness is only the beginning of our spiritual journey between physical lives. After a shorter or longer stay in the intermediate phase, we will all have a paradise experience completely adapted to our own wishes.

Now why is it so? How come there is an individual paradise for us all? There is because of the two planes of existence, the spiritual world is a plane of rest and relaxation, whereas the physical world is a plane of work, of the reaping of experiences and learning, a plane where we are moulded to become real human beings. This moulding takes many incarnations and it is at times a hazardous journey through perils, wars, challenges and suffering.

In the universe the experience of contrast is of paramount importance, so the spiritual world constitutes a much-needed contrast to the toil, sweat, pain and dangers of the physical world. It is in the spiritual world that we have a five-star holiday to recharge our batteries and gather strength for another physical life of learning and evolution.

On the spiritual plane all matter moulds itself according to our own wishes. All we have to do is think of a person, a thing or a situation, and it immediately materializes in front of our eyes. It is in this way that we can conjure up the fulfilment of all our wishes.

Let us have a look at what Martinus says about our individual paradises. The quote is from my book: Life after Death in a Nutshell, page 53. (Co-authored with Maria McMahon).

“The pygmy thus experiences that his primitive dreams take the form or are along the lines of how he learnt to think on the physical plane. The same is true of the Indian, the Eskimo, the Fuegian, indeed in brief, of individuals of any race whatsoever. They all experience precisely that which was their highest dream existence on the physical plane of existence, but which, because of insufficient development and perhaps other circumstances, they could not possibly experience on this plane. Thus the poor human being that perhaps starves, freezes and lives in rags on the physical plane experiences on the spiritual plane the realisation of its dream, arising from its physical condition, of a contrasting existence where it has plenty of delicious food, good, warm clothes to wear, a beautiful house to live in and a plentiful supply of money. In the same way a skinflint or miser will receive oceans upon oceans of money on the spiritual plane in accordance with the unsatisfied longing for the fulfilment of the desire for money that he had on the physical plane, and in accordance with the dream that this longing gave rise to. On the spiritual plane too, anglers and hunters experience lovely countryside in which they can satisfy their desire. The angler thus experiences rivers with an abundance of beautiful fish, while the hunter experiences woods or terrains with lots of animals. Life on the spiritual plane is thus bliss for such beings. Likewise there is no limit to how perfectly the vain person’s dream can be realised on the spiritual plane. He will be dressed and adorned as he wishes, in purple robes, silk and gold with a great many medals and decorations. Indeed, in some cases he actually experiences being a prince, a pope, a king or an emperor and can be duly invested with an ermine robe, crown and sceptre and sit on a golden throne and speak to his “subjects”. In other cases the being appears on the spiritual plane in accordance with its dream or dream existence as a magnate, a Croesus or a multi-millionaire living in a huge castle or luxury palace with a large staff of servants, a luxury car, a yacht and a racing stable. The dominant beings here are not as a rule those that were really wealthy on the physical plane. Most often their dreams go in other directions depending upon the level of satiation with the Croesus-existence they have already reached on the physical plane.

      Similarly we find here on the spiritual plane the home of all ingenious humour. Here humour is not written down or drawn as pictures on paper or canvas. Like the previously mentioned artists’ works it appears in a natural state in the way that its originator imagines it. Funny figures of people, animals and things appear as living characters, and the comedies become real, plastic or stereoscopic experiences in colour, sound and movement to the extent that their originator is able to animate them with his or her thought, talent, wish and will. From this sphere the humour-packed products of artists in wit are transferred to the physical plane as amusing cartoon films. Since this form of art can reproduce the spiritual original on the physical plane in the fullness and freedom of movement of the living form, people can, even through cartoons, get an inkling of the freedom the spiritual creative ability has to let thought take form automatically and directly in spiritual matter without outer aids and in accordance with the being’s wish and will; thus a creation that cannot possibly take place on the physical plane can flourish abundantly here. (Martinus: The Road to Paradise, chapter 40, extract).

These few examples should illustrate that our paradise experience is very individual and completely dependent on our beliefs, preferences, abilities, and level of evolution. There is not just one paradise, but millions of individual ones, completely adapted to the individual´s desires, tastes, and preferences. It is the law of attraction that sees to it that we arrive to a wavelength that fits our bill, so to speak.

Martinus´ book: The Road to Paradise is free to read online on this link:

After our paradise experience we will all move on to the place in the spiritual world, which Martinus denominates as the Kingdom of Bliss, from where all reincarnation takes place. After a wonderful rest in the spiritual world, we will be eager to reincarnate into physical form to get on with our evolution towards becoming real, finished human beings that can only emanate universal love.

And THEN there will be peace on Earth.

I invite you once again to read the insightful book: “Life after Death in a Nutshell. What happens when we die?” by Else Byskov and maria McMahon.

Please click on the link below to see it and get a copy.


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