Homosexuality is a natural process that has to do with an inner, organic transformation: the transformation of our sexual poles from one-poled to double-poled beings. All beings are subject to this inner transformation and it affects us both mentally and physically.

All beings have a male and a female sexual pole

As we live life after life, we gradually outgrow very selfish behaviour and become more and more all-loving, because our sexual poles become more and more balanced. All living beings have two sexual poles: a female and a male sexual pole. When we were pure animals, we were either very much male or female, but as we evolve, our poles approach their balance point, where they become equally big. At the balance point, our male and female poles will be equal in size. This means that we will then be androgynous beings or equally male and female. We will be both sexes in one and the same person.

We are all approaching the double-poled state

The process from being one-poled to double-poled takes many, many incarnations, and for each life we live, we approach the double-poled state. The double- poled state is characterized by our ability to feel and express universal love. In our one-poled state, we could only love one person of the opposite sex, but as the poles approach the balance point, we will be able to love all beings, because our ability for expressing universal love grows. It is when this process has become quite advanced that we are able to love all other beings irrespective of their sex. Those that we call homosexuals today are well advanced on the journey towards becoming all-loving, real human beings, and being disrespectful, denigrating and contemptuous towards them is an expression of ignorance of the inner, organic transformation from one-poled to double-poled that all beings are subject to.

You can read more about the transformation of the sexual poles in my book “The Downfall of Marriage – The Great Transformation Within.”

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